Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Gangnam Style inspiration

Psy is a 34 old man he is from South Korean . Psy was meant to be short for psycho. He has been a star sensation in Korea for several years.  The song Gangnam Style was made as a Korean pop song by Psy and  has made over 400 million views on the YouTube videos. This song has had a lot of success because of the way that Psy dances galloping, and  invisible horse dance inspired many people from all over the world to dance like him. Psy gets a lot of his inspiration from the Americans as well as the British musicians. Once Psy made this music video and the song it never went through his mind that he would have a hit on the song Gangnam Style. He had never had this happen to him in Korea and he said “Everything moves way too fast”. This quote was saying that once this song was heard in America he became a pop sensation and things were going perfect that he had never expected all of this to happen so quickly. This song has reached Britain’s chart as number one and in the United States it reached number two and even in china it has topped the download list in China. He came to the United States and had nearly 80,000 fans. He felt amazing he felt like he was the king that everyone wanted to dance like him.


  1. It really does say a lot that just a single song could go viral in another country across the world. I love listening to Gangnam style, and still haven't gotten tired of it. I had heard in an interview with Psy that the song was inspired by Beverly hills. Something about Gangnam is the equivalent to Beverly hills in South Korea. I can't remember it was quite a while ago, but it's still pretty awesome.

    1. I know right this song it still heard all over the place i would see people trying to dance like him. when they played this song people would watch over and over his video at school at work at home everywhere. It is incredible how famous you can get with just making one song and making a music video. this must have been a amazing experience for Psy.