Friday, January 31, 2014

Comparing music to econmics

I can relate my topic with economics i do think that musicians should get paid because they are taking time and effort to make new songs. Without them getting paid I think that we wont be able to listen to new music.I think that if we had no music then we would have concerts and we would make no profit with the artists who are singing. On September 24 there was a economic proposal in which there was a 3 % of reduction of pay in two years for all the artists singers . Musicians must accept a 20 % reduction in pay and benefits, and a 10 % reduction in salary. I think that musicians should get paid fairly for all of there hard work it is what they want to do they have been working really hard to make there dream come true it is there career. Everyone loves musicians they should get paid but some truly struggle to accept that the artists should get paid economically.

Interdisciplinary post

Now I don't study music now, but some of my classes in High school have some relationship with the music and how it made people get inspired like in US History. Back in the civil war music was made by African Americans. They sang about their life in the camp grounds where they were, how much they missed home, and how they were treated by their generals also by other soldiers.  Also many Americans made song to cheer up their crew at war. There are many songs that now are considered great song even though many people don't think so. I really didn't know that back during the civil war the soldiers would inspire each other to fight until to win the war.

Berenice S.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Accordion nusic

The Accordion 

German immigrants came to Texas in the mid-1800 and settled in Central Texas in towns like German Belt. They brought their language, culture and traditional music; they made contact with the Mexican Americans. Later on they moved to the South and Northern Mexico to work the fields and in the construction of railroad lines. They brought with them their accordion to play their waltzes and polkas.

The accordion has traditionally been used to perform folk, popular music, and transcriptions from the operatic and light-classical music repertoire. Today the instrument is sometimes heard in contemporary pop styles, such as rock, pop-rock, and so on.  Occasionally even in serious classical music concerts, as well as advertisements. The accordion is also used in a conjunction which is like jazz, blues, and rock and roll; it has a mayor impact in the Mexican American on the community of the United States. The accordion can express more sound and notes than other instruments.

The accordion was invented in 1829. The instrument has always been associated with the common people than with the more wealthy people. The accordion became popular because this instrument is much louder than all the older folk instruments put together.  It can be heard in even the wildest pub above the stomping of dancing feet. The instrument doesn't need no tuning and was always is ready to be played. Even if you played a key wrong it didn't matter because it still sounded right. The accordion is used in almost every country and has a significant role in its music tradition.

I have tried to play the accordion before, but I didn't know what I was doing so I didn't like it. I also carried it and it was heavy for me well probably because I was younger. I have admired how people can play it and have a passion for playing it. The accordion has been for many years now and has a great popularity even though in some point it decreased, but somehow it’s managed to rise its popularity up again.

 Berenice S.

Music therapy

What is music therapy? How does it helps people all around the world? Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based. In the clinic, they do music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within therapy. This is all organized by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Here are some ways that therapy can help you out promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, promote physical rehabilitation. All of the listed above is all what therapy is about.  Does anyone know what American Music Therapy Association is? Well, it is for people who are professionals, associates, students, inactive people, or if you have retired. Well, guess what? Almost about 3,800 people are attending at this kind of therapy.

Music therapy can help so many people out, doesn't matter what kind of problems that you have. Nothing matters, just keep in mind that you will receive treatment just by going to a music therapy. Music therapy can help many people with physical, emotions, and also social needs of individuals. The professionals look to try and help people with any kind of trouble.  Once the therapist has seen the client, then they try to make them feel welcome and put on calm music. He then tells his clients to sing to the song and tries to make them do some kind of movement to try and communicate with the song. Music therapy can also be for communicating, sometimes people find it difficult to express their feelings with words.   

How do we know that therapy actually works? Overall, the physical rehabilitation and facilitating movement, increasing people's motivation to become engaged in their treatment, providing emotional support for clients and their families, and providing an outlet for expression of feelings. This is a way that we know that music therapy is working. People get involved and like how music therapy works. This is a solid treatment.   

In conclusion, I think that music therapy can help so many individuals. This can let all your mixed emotions and feelings out. I agree that music therapy helps so many people out in any kind of situation. 


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Music I enjoy

I can almost support any kind of genres of music, but I truly enjoy hearing R&B, rap, hi hop, dub step(also in violin version), reggae, rock, and country. I also hear music in Spanish like rap, banda, reggae, pop, rock, and  recodillos. Two of these words might not seem familiar like banda and recodillos  because the are Spanish words. Banda is like country, but with a different rhythm.  Recodillos are like cartel type music they talk about like how life is in the cartels. I really don't like reggaeton, salsa, and heavy metal. I don't judge anyone that hears different type of music because I think that everyone has the right to hear what they want. I have different types of friends that even hear music that I don't like. I use to hear reggaeton, but later I realized that the genre wasn't really for me so I quit hearing it.
Berenice S.
Now I'm going to give you guys links to some of the songs I like:

Why I hate interruptions while I'm hearing music?

In this video I explain why I hate people interrupting me while I hear music or a song.
Berenice S.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Sólo tú le das brillo y Amor a mi Corazón.
Sólo tú me miras con tanta pureza y belleza interior.
Sólo tú llenas de Alegría a mi Alma.
Sólo tú conoces mis secretos, deseos y anhelos.
Sólo tú me transmites calor con tus manos.
Sólo tú me das fuerzas para seguir viviendo.
Sólo tú me hablas con tanta dulzura.
Sólo tú me escuchas con tanta paciencia.
Sólo tú me acaricias con tanta delicadeza.
Sólo tú me besas con tanta ternura.
Sólo tú me comprendes con tanta sutileza.
Sólo tú haces que me sienta el Ser más Feliz del Universo.
Sólo tú me das tanta seguridad en mí misma.
Sólo tú me calmas y tranquilizas cuando estoy mal.
Sólo tú eres el que puede entrar en mi Corazón y en mi Ser.
Sólo tú me abrigas cuando tengo frío.
Sólo tú eres y serás el Dueño de mi Corazón.
Sólo tú eres mi Sueño hecho realidad.
Sólo tú eres y serás el que me ama y me amará siempre.
Sólo tú eres al que amo y amaré eternamente!
As you give brightness and Love to my Heart.

As you look at me with such purity and inner beauty.
Only you full of joy to my soul.
Only you know my secrets, wishes and desires.
Only with you transmitted me warm your hands.
Only you give me strength to continue living.
As you talk to me so sweetly.
As you listen to me so patiently.
Only you as gently caress me.
As you kiss me so tenderly.
Only you understand me so subtly.
Only you make me feel the Universe Be Merry.
Only you give me such confidence in myself.
Just you calm down and calm me when I'm wrong.
Only you are the one who can come into my heart and in my Being
As you cherish me when I'm cold.
Only you and be the Master of my Heart.
Only you are my dream come true.
Only you and be the one who loves me and will always love me.

Only you who I love and love forever!

The flute

Back in elementary I played the flute in begging band and later in advanced band. I found that instrument interesting and I decided to play it. There was another girl that played it. I enjoyed playing it, but some times it was hard to learn how to play a new song and get use to it. The key to getting to learn how to play or be a good player it to practice even though you make get tired of practicing or giving a headache to someone else. I stopped playing it until 8th grade. I wanted to keep on playing it, but I wanted a little rest of playing an instrument. A year later I wanted to continue playing it, but I didn't because I had already forgot what every key on it was for. Playing it left me a great experience that later I can tell it to probably my kids. It's really hard to get the air out after a while playing it and especially when you have to play a long or very hard song. Well I just wanted to share with you guys that I played an instrument.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Short Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who was in love with a band called one direction. For Christmas she received a concert ticket from Santa it was for September when she found out she turned around and started crying.  She didn't know what to do so she went online and started looking for clothes that she can wear. Then when she was getting the tickets so that she can conserve them in her room she found out that there was two tickets. That was when she was confused and she read a letter that was on the box saying that she had to take her little sister or take her older brother. When she heard that she knew exactly who to take because she knew that her brother would annoy her and tell her that the concert was boring so she asked her sister that was when she found out that she doesn't like one direction but she would rather her because she won’t be annoying. Well 8 months passed by and it was time to take a trip with the whole family she was the happiest person ever and the best thing is that she got front row tickets. She was at the concert with her little sibling when they got her hand and took up to the stage she started crying and singing along with them. That was one of her biggest dreams and thanks to Santa her dream became reality later on she received a tweet from them asking her if she would like to travel and go on tour with them of course she had to accept.