Friday, February 28, 2014


In this video I talk about how people get inspired when they heard music. Berenice S.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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Back when I was in band everyone was playing correctly when suddenly someone lost track of what song we were playing and started to play on a different rhythm and beat. Everyone stopped playing and looked at the person that was off track and they stopped playing and asked WHAT? Everybody was laughing and the person got embarrassed and later asked their friend what had happened. They told the person that she lost track and that they started playing something else like if she was so inspired in it.
Berenice S.

Friday, February 14, 2014


I Interviewed Guadalupe Ornelas about music inspiration.
Q-Since when have you liked music?
A- I have liked music since 5th grade i remember my school having an assembly about what music could do for us and where it would take us. Ever since then i have been interested in music.
Q- How does music inspire you?
A- Music inspires me to do better in school so i can possibly get a scholarship to enter a great also inspires me to become a better leader before i started playing music i couldn't be assertive with many people but since i have become section leader i feel like i am assertive with everyone.
Q- Does music help you relax?
A- Yes usually i am a very busy person. If its not one thing with all the hustle and bustle i need time to relax so i just go into a quiet room put my earphones in and listen to some relaxing music like bell tones and mixed with major and minor cords.
Q- Do you play music? What kind of instruments do you play?
A-  Yes i do play music my favorite type of music to play is pop, indie, and old classics, and yes i also do play instruments i play: flute, sax, piano, drums, and i am hoping to learn to play more.
Q- How are you an expert at music?
A-I wouldn't consider my self as an expert because i believe that there are still many things to learn about music, but i try my best and do whatever is possible to make me a well rounded and rapidly growing musician.


I have interviewed a musician that is a family friend from a long time now. His name is Jose Guadalupe Ornelas.

What kind of music do you play?
I play regional Mexican music like cumbia, ranchera, etc.

How long have you played?
I can't remember if since I was 8 o 9, about for 30 years.

What instruments do you play?
I have played the base, drums, the guitar, and I have also sang.

Why do you play this type of music?
I play it because I like, it was what I heard when I was young, and also because most of my clients enjoy it.

When did you decide to play or sing?
When a was a little boy I started playing in my dad's group.

How often do you practice?
It depends on how I am feeling sometimes it's every third day or every second day it varies all the time.

Well you keep on playing in the future?
Yes, I well until I am able to.

Berenice S.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest blogger

I am going to have Stefania Cruz tell us how music inspires everyone.
What I know about music and how it inspires one is that music makes you feel good. Some may say that it can change the way you feel about something. I find that statement true. Like if you hear a happy song when you are feeling sad it may cheer you up. The beat the song gives out and the lyrics it has can help you on a sad day. Also what music does is bring back memories from the past. Like if you went through a break up and you hear a song that reminds you of your ex. Some songs give off a powerful message and may change the way you view something in your life. Others write music to express how they feel. Sometimes it’s hard to say how you are feeling so they put in a song. Happy or not, writing music helps you express your feeling. Your mood plays a big part in what you listen to.
Music is inspiration because it makes you want to do something good. Depending on what types of music you may listen to some make you want to get up and dance. The rhythm it gives off makes people dance and the people around want to do the same.
The types of music I like are rock and pop. Songs that catch my attention are happy and have a good beat and also lyrics are important in a song.
A few artist/ bands that I like are:
                5 Seconds of Summer
                Ed Sheeran
                One Direction
                Sleeping with Sirens
                Little Mix
There are other artist and bands that I listen too but these are the main ones. They make amazing music and I enjoy listening to them. Every time they make new music they never seem to disappoint me.