Friday, March 28, 2014

Book responce

The Doors Artistic Vision book

The novel the Doors Artistic vision is by Doug Sundling. The novel was published in 1996. This novel relates how a boy loved a member of a band. The young boy was only 16. He was a fan of Jim Morrisons and he died shortly after he had gotten his first album that his father had gave him for his birthday. He would listen to his songs over and over again he was devastated when he found out that shortly after his birthday his favorite singer has died.

I really enjoyed reading this book because the young boy talks about him being a big fan of Jim Morrison. He really loves his band it makes him happy every time that he listens to them.  This novel also talks about how passionate he is to go and see Jim Morrison.

I also like how this novel gives more details and explains what the Doors artists are really about.  Shortly after the member from the band died some teens try to make his music be alive again in memory of the great artist. The Doors work was called instead an art piece. What was incredible was that after each album that they recorded there was a painting or a sculpture created. I really enjoyed how the shared there music and lyrics with us because with each song there was a story behind it.  

I recommend this novel to those who love and those that are big fans of Jim Morrison. This novel shows how passionate he is towards the band and shows his feelings in the novel.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Self Selected Response

New songs on the Radio (Taste of country)
It has been a long time since I have heard country, but I almost listen to the radio everyday. I listen to the radio because I git tired of listening to my own music. Some of the songs played I don't really Know the name of the song. I could of have heard some of these songs that are listed on the link, but not sure of it. I didn't realize that March was the month of listening more country until now. Some songs that are played on the radio are repeated a lot. Like a song that I really enjoy I didn't know the name of it until a month later that I heard it. Then when I would heard it I automatically call out the name of it without noticing. I would mostly say it inside of my head than, shout it out. I think if I would shout it out than thinking of the name people around me would think this girl is crazy. It would be funny for them, but not for me because I would be the one being laughed at.

Those who love country should check out the link and see if any of your favorite songs are on the list. They are mostly new songs than popular. Remember it is only a statics for the radio and for this month. Probably some of your favorite artists are on the list. Don't feel terrible if you don't find your favorite song or artists because if it is not on there you can suggest one on the page there is a section where you can comment a name of a song or artist. Also this list will updated every so often which well be when new songs will be announced.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Response

Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer
Elizabeth Swados's book, "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer(1988)," explains how the life of a composer is and all you need to do to be a great composer. Swados relates how she became a composer. Swados's purpose is to lead someone to become a composer in order to know the real meaning of composing. The book has very understandable language that teenagers to adults can read and understand the profession of being a composer.

I really enjoyed the book because it is very detailed. It explains the passion, the art, different type of composers, and it describes music. One of the quote that I liked is "the passion for organizing sounds and the desire to characteristic of all composer." This quote describes well what a composer is all about.

Something that I didn't like is that since I don't really read or play music I didn't understand some words that Swados used to describe the feeling of being a composer. This book is a great choice for those that understand music.

I highly recommend this book for a person seeking to be a great composer or also somebody that needs to understand  more composers. Swados made me think about how the life of a composer is and also of all the sounds that surround us, that we don't even pay attention to them.
Berenice S.


Gangnam Style inspiration

Psy is a 34 old man he is from South Korean . Psy was meant to be short for psycho. He has been a star sensation in Korea for several years.  The song Gangnam Style was made as a Korean pop song by Psy and  has made over 400 million views on the YouTube videos. This song has had a lot of success because of the way that Psy dances galloping, and  invisible horse dance inspired many people from all over the world to dance like him. Psy gets a lot of his inspiration from the Americans as well as the British musicians. Once Psy made this music video and the song it never went through his mind that he would have a hit on the song Gangnam Style. He had never had this happen to him in Korea and he said “Everything moves way too fast”. This quote was saying that once this song was heard in America he became a pop sensation and things were going perfect that he had never expected all of this to happen so quickly. This song has reached Britain’s chart as number one and in the United States it reached number two and even in china it has topped the download list in China. He came to the United States and had nearly 80,000 fans. He felt amazing he felt like he was the king that everyone wanted to dance like him.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Passion Blog

Since I was younger I liked the music hip-pop and rap. I enjoyed seeing movies about street dances. I would like to hear how to dance, but I think it will take me a long time to learn. Also, it looks easy, but it is really hard. Street dancing takes a lot of time to practice and be a pro. If you notice most of the street dancers are pretty fit and that is because it uses all your strength to pull a dance movie. If I had someone to teach me how to dance it it would make me happy and not. I will be happy because I would make one of my "dreams" come true, I wouldn't be that happy because it is going to cost me a lot to learn a step, but I will put all my effort. My sister also would like to learn how to dance it. With her also learning it we could help each other practice. Since I was younger my parents don't like that type of music so, I would have to hear the music they liked and I could only hear what I liked when they weren't around or the music had to be low. That way they wouldn't give bad comments about the music.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


English version
While talking to me and I looked at you, 
time stopped in the middle instantly: 
love called me and I obey. 
While you whispered to me and I loved you, 
feelings rose, 
sent to your voice, 
the sky was visible in your eyes, 
and pronounced wanting in your lips.

Spanish version 

Mientras me hablabas y yo te miraba,
se detuvo el tiempo en medio instante:
el amor me llamaba y yo le obedecía.
Mientras me susurrabas y yo te amaba,
se alzaron los sentimientos,
mandó tu voz,
el cielo se hizo visible en tus ojos,
y yo pronuncié el querer en tus labios


Short Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was in love. There was one obstacle in her way because they are famous. She has liked them for a really long time and finally she got some tickets to go and see them she is even going to make a shirt that says there name. She is really happy to go to this concert she has a few months left until she gets to go and see them.


You don't have to
Hurt yourself to
Forget about horrible
Stuff that has happen
Just listen to MUSIC!
Berenice S.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Song that makes everyone want to dance and to be happy

The song happy by Pharrell has impacted everyone because it has been changing people lives in the way that this song makes everyone so happy. Watching and hearing this video has changed people from been all moody and angry.  The sound and beat and the words that Pharrell sings has a big meaning it makes kids parents teachers happy like my English teacher when she heard this song started dancing and really liked this song. Hearing this song changes people way of looking at the world today. If you watch the music video you seem to like it and sometimes even try to dance the way everyone else is dancing in the video.  I even like this song because it has a happy beat and everyone in the video is happy and singing of joy.  I really enjoy listening to this song it makes my day a whole lot better because it shines my day. The first time I listened to this song it kind of was annoying but know that I have seen the video it makes since that people are always happy dancing in the streets joyfully excited and happy snapping their fingers and doing amazing tricks. You will also see in the video children doing flips and cool tricks this video was to make people laugh sing and be happy. Well as you can see I really like this video because it express feelings and because it makes my teacher want to dance in front of the classroom.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Band Names
This article informs how many bands or artists when picking their name they have used almost the same name. They say that the two most common words are “black” and “DJ.” Also there have been other names that have been used are white, John, Michael, Paul, and Jesse. Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson from NPR Music, and Robin Hilton have made a tag cloud with the names that are used more often, but the statistics are only from the bands that are going to play in the SXSW this year. If you would like to make your own band name you can check the article where there are some links that could help you out.

I had never realized how often many names get repeated. I had never thought about that. I don’t think that many people have noticed that before because you mostly you just heard the name of an artist or of a band, but really don’t pay much attention to it. It is amazing how these people that looked over the names and did the little statistics. It is pretty cool that they took their time to realize this. Probably people will now pay more attention to names of artists or of bands now that this article is posted on a blog where many people might visit often.
Berenice S.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I really like how this article gives information of how they got the name Banda La Arrolladora and what they went through to get this band and gives a brief history of the band. This is a band from Mexico this band got there name from a part in Mexico and this would of never existed without the help of Rene Camacho. This band has created around 30 albums that is incredible and it consists of 17 people. There are two singers and everyone else just plays instruments. They sing sad, in love and about their past they also sing songs that have a really nice rhythm. This band started getting hits in 1997.

I like how this band never gave up and those that always kept trying and do to that they have a lot of hits and they never lost hope. There may have been a lot of rumors about them but they ignored that because what they really wanted to accomplish was to sing live and have hits.

 I really enjoy how this band sings. It helps me relax and forget all of my problems. I enjoy every song I am a big fan of them. I enjoyed reading this article because it helps you understand what people had to go through to become a band and what people went through to become famous.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Self Selective Response

Thinking Outside the Borders
I think that this article is very good because it describes how music has inspired the group members of the band. Not only does the band inspire themselves, but also the people that listen to them and follow them. I had never heard of this band, but now that I have found it now I plan to hear their music. It is really incredible how these people even though they didn't have a good status of immigration. They still kept on following their dreams of being musicians and now they are somewhat famous. I think that now many have been trying to achieve their goals and letting them behind like many have just because of a little problem that they encounter.

Sometimes people don't accomplish what they have in mind because they think that they won't have successes. I also liked how they don't forget about their roots like other people that once they have money they try to leave their past behind. When I read the title of the article I wanted to read it and discover what it had to say about "thinking outside the borders" which I think that it kind of meant it had to do with going for your goals.

Berenice S.

Short Story

Once upon a time there was a young man who really liked this girl who came from Mexico. When he knew that she was taking yoga he decided to take that class as well. He never knew that it would work out or not   because she was never interested in him and because he never told her that he liked her. One day we were going to take a field trip to HSU for empowerment day and he asked her if she wanted to sit with him on the bus hes only intention was to get to know her more but she said no because he was ugly.


They have said,
Music is best soul
Therapy for those
In need of it or just
Those who want
To leave their stress
Berenice S.