Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

 Dear blog readers:
Hi readers with this blog I have improved my writing skills. I have better usage of vocabulary; I can type better and faster. It was a challenge at the begging of the year to write something new and post just talking about music. I thought it was going to be easy since I enjoy listening to music. Throughout the year I have been able to write more about how music has inspired people. I have written in many types of writing. I've learned how to write a good book review, informative, explanatory, narrative, and creative writing. Also I've learned to write good comments on another blog. With this blog I used some of my knowledge about music, but I have also had to research information regarding about music. I found out new bands that I didn't know about and also that many band names are repeated.   This blog is a great way to express your feeling out to the world that is reading the blog. With a blog you get experience with technology and also with writing in different entries. Like I have said before at first it is a challenge, buy with the time it gets easier to write about something new. You might get stuck sometimes, but once you get the hang of it, you get more creative about writing.

I use to not write a lot, but with the blog I have probably written more than I have in past few years.  When I see that I have more page reviews I feel great because I notice that more and more people get interested in what I am writing about. I have had comments on my posts that many people have felt the same way as it is described in the post, but also that they would like me to write about something else or that they have tried new genres of music.

I have picked out five of the posts that I think I did a great job. These posts are the ones I liked more you might like another one, but take a look at these posts you might enjoy them. The first post is a book response where I wrote about the book "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer" by Elizabeth Swados.  I read the book and I enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to know a little more about composing. Here is the link to the post Book Response. Secondly it is a poem that I wrote when I was inspired in how music can cure your soul. Also I wrote a interdisciplinary post where I relate music with the Civil War. This next post is not written, but said on a video which is called a vlog. In this vlog I talk about how people get inspired in their music. My last post is a SSR which is a self selected response. In this post I talk about Afro Reggae.
Berenice S.

Dear blog reader

      Dear blog readers,
With the blog y writing skills have improved. I am better at doing book responses and better with my vocabulary. Doing this project it has let me express what I feel for music it has helped me understand many new things in life. With this assignment I have had an amazing opportunity to tell everyone how music really means a lot to me. I have learned  how to do a Self-selected response.  I have learned so many new things on the blog. What I like the most is that we got to pick our own topic. I did my blog on music inspiration and how I get so inspired.  One of the very first blog post that I did is Why I chose music inspiration . I wanted people to know where each kind of music came from like where hip hop, rock, classical music, jazz, rap came from. Why I chose music inspiration .How music helps me relax. I have also learned new things about music how music therapy helps people what the feelings, emotions, and thoughts. For my final in 1st semester I had to research  how music therapy helps people and this is linked to my post that explains how it really can help you and how many people have gone to . Music therapy . I also liked how we got to interview people like i got to interview my cousin because he is in band at Fortuna high and I wanted to know what music really meant to him. I got Interview  him and it was a different experience because he told me that music changes the way he thinks and how music helps him with his problems I never thought that music was so powerful in his soul. Another assignment that I really liked was when we had a guest on our blog and how they expressed their feelings and thoughts. I liked this because she told us what music she likes and how music can change your emotions like if it’s a happy song then you cheer up and if it’s a sad song your upset Guest blog.  

The blog has helped me though out the year it has brought me new opportunities and has helped me with my English class. I also like how I had the chance to show everyone how music has inspired me. I really enjoyed putting new blog post every week doing many new assignments. Like short stories, a blog post that had humor, self-selected response, book response, a vlog, a poem, and many more.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Afro Reggae

In Brazil children are using music which is one of their country's best strength to fight their country's greatest shortcomings: poverty, racism, and police violence. The musicians are part of Group Cultural Afro Reggae which empowers children from Rio de Janeiro shantytowns through workshops of music and dance. With the music, Afro Reggae tries to keep young people alive. A 25 year old taxi driver was organizing reggae dance party’s downtown with three friends. The four of them found two volunteer teachers and began offering classes in Afro-Brazilian dance and drumming in a small courtyard in the favela. The group works in a new cultural center with more than 350 children and offers classes in everything from flamenco and ballroom dancing to public health and citizenship. Afro Reggae has the ability to use culture to steer youths away from drug trade and provide them a way to communicate with society. This has the attention of national and international foundations, governments, and the media.

A third of Rio's 5.5 million people live in favelas, and Brazil had a big gap between rich and poor. Drug mafias have taken over the favelas in the early 1980's, they govern with automatic weapons. Rio's military police kill an average of 14 civilians a month. I think this is pretty awful because many people get killed. I didn't know that this was going now especially that the police was also killing people whom I thought that the drug dealers where the ones killing people, but also the military police also. These people that have made this group to help the society learn some other thing about culture than about drugs. I think that this way many youths will leave the drugs and learn more how to dance or play Afro Reggae with other types of dances.

Berenice S.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

Book responce

The Doors Artistic Vision book

The novel the Doors Artistic vision is by Doug Sundling. The novel was published in 1996. This novel relates how a boy loved a member of a band. The young boy was only 16. He was a fan of Jim Morrisons and he died shortly after he had gotten his first album that his father had gave him for his birthday. He would listen to his songs over and over again he was devastated when he found out that shortly after his birthday his favorite singer has died.

I really enjoyed reading this book because the young boy talks about him being a big fan of Jim Morrison. He really loves his band it makes him happy every time that he listens to them.  This novel also talks about how passionate he is to go and see Jim Morrison.

I also like how this novel gives more details and explains what the Doors artists are really about.  Shortly after the member from the band died some teens try to make his music be alive again in memory of the great artist. The Doors work was called instead an art piece. What was incredible was that after each album that they recorded there was a painting or a sculpture created. I really enjoyed how the shared there music and lyrics with us because with each song there was a story behind it.  

I recommend this novel to those who love and those that are big fans of Jim Morrison. This novel shows how passionate he is towards the band and shows his feelings in the novel.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Self Selected Response

New songs on the Radio (Taste of country)
It has been a long time since I have heard country, but I almost listen to the radio everyday. I listen to the radio because I git tired of listening to my own music. Some of the songs played I don't really Know the name of the song. I could of have heard some of these songs that are listed on the link, but not sure of it. I didn't realize that March was the month of listening more country until now. Some songs that are played on the radio are repeated a lot. Like a song that I really enjoy I didn't know the name of it until a month later that I heard it. Then when I would heard it I automatically call out the name of it without noticing. I would mostly say it inside of my head than, shout it out. I think if I would shout it out than thinking of the name people around me would think this girl is crazy. It would be funny for them, but not for me because I would be the one being laughed at.

Those who love country should check out the link and see if any of your favorite songs are on the list. They are mostly new songs than popular. Remember it is only a statics for the radio and for this month. Probably some of your favorite artists are on the list. Don't feel terrible if you don't find your favorite song or artists because if it is not on there you can suggest one on the page there is a section where you can comment a name of a song or artist. Also this list will updated every so often which well be when new songs will be announced.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Response

Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer
Elizabeth Swados's book, "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer(1988)," explains how the life of a composer is and all you need to do to be a great composer. Swados relates how she became a composer. Swados's purpose is to lead someone to become a composer in order to know the real meaning of composing. The book has very understandable language that teenagers to adults can read and understand the profession of being a composer.

I really enjoyed the book because it is very detailed. It explains the passion, the art, different type of composers, and it describes music. One of the quote that I liked is "the passion for organizing sounds and the desire to characteristic of all composer." This quote describes well what a composer is all about.

Something that I didn't like is that since I don't really read or play music I didn't understand some words that Swados used to describe the feeling of being a composer. This book is a great choice for those that understand music.

I highly recommend this book for a person seeking to be a great composer or also somebody that needs to understand  more composers. Swados made me think about how the life of a composer is and also of all the sounds that surround us, that we don't even pay attention to them.
Berenice S.


Gangnam Style inspiration

Psy is a 34 old man he is from South Korean . Psy was meant to be short for psycho. He has been a star sensation in Korea for several years.  The song Gangnam Style was made as a Korean pop song by Psy and  has made over 400 million views on the YouTube videos. This song has had a lot of success because of the way that Psy dances galloping, and  invisible horse dance inspired many people from all over the world to dance like him. Psy gets a lot of his inspiration from the Americans as well as the British musicians. Once Psy made this music video and the song it never went through his mind that he would have a hit on the song Gangnam Style. He had never had this happen to him in Korea and he said “Everything moves way too fast”. This quote was saying that once this song was heard in America he became a pop sensation and things were going perfect that he had never expected all of this to happen so quickly. This song has reached Britain’s chart as number one and in the United States it reached number two and even in china it has topped the download list in China. He came to the United States and had nearly 80,000 fans. He felt amazing he felt like he was the king that everyone wanted to dance like him.