Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

 Dear blog readers:
Hi readers with this blog I have improved my writing skills. I have better usage of vocabulary; I can type better and faster. It was a challenge at the begging of the year to write something new and post just talking about music. I thought it was going to be easy since I enjoy listening to music. Throughout the year I have been able to write more about how music has inspired people. I have written in many types of writing. I've learned how to write a good book review, informative, explanatory, narrative, and creative writing. Also I've learned to write good comments on another blog. With this blog I used some of my knowledge about music, but I have also had to research information regarding about music. I found out new bands that I didn't know about and also that many band names are repeated.   This blog is a great way to express your feeling out to the world that is reading the blog. With a blog you get experience with technology and also with writing in different entries. Like I have said before at first it is a challenge, buy with the time it gets easier to write about something new. You might get stuck sometimes, but once you get the hang of it, you get more creative about writing.

I use to not write a lot, but with the blog I have probably written more than I have in past few years.  When I see that I have more page reviews I feel great because I notice that more and more people get interested in what I am writing about. I have had comments on my posts that many people have felt the same way as it is described in the post, but also that they would like me to write about something else or that they have tried new genres of music.

I have picked out five of the posts that I think I did a great job. These posts are the ones I liked more you might like another one, but take a look at these posts you might enjoy them. The first post is a book response where I wrote about the book "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer" by Elizabeth Swados.  I read the book and I enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to know a little more about composing. Here is the link to the post Book Response. Secondly it is a poem that I wrote when I was inspired in how music can cure your soul. Also I wrote a interdisciplinary post where I relate music with the Civil War. This next post is not written, but said on a video which is called a vlog. In this vlog I talk about how people get inspired in their music. My last post is a SSR which is a self selected response. In this post I talk about Afro Reggae.
Berenice S.

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