Thursday, December 19, 2013

My passion

I really love hearing music especially when I feeling a little bit left out, when I'm doing my chores, when I am doing my homework. I mostly hear music all day long. When I'm sad it helps me forget what had happened and it makes me feel relaxed. I use to not hear music that I liked because my parents wouldn't let me and I had to hear their music which I didn't really like some of it I did. Other of their music just made me fall asleep I think that is why he would play it. I like it how music can make you feel different and also how sometimes the songs describe how you are feeling at the moment. I hear all different types of genres, but I really like rap I've heard it in Spanish and English. Rap makes me relax and forget all my problems that I am going through. I can change mood really easy even though I try to be nice and happy all the time. When I need a time alone I go into my room and turn on the music and close my eyes. 
Berenice S.

my passion for music

I have a really big passion for music. Music helps me escape from all of my problems. I appreciate music I really enjoy many types of songs. I like how each song has it meaning and a message when I listen to a song sometimes I am able to relate and let all of my stress and emotions out. Music plays a big part in my life. I think that you should take the opportunities that you have in school and try out for band or something because once you get older maybe you want to do a career that has to do with music or singing. Not many people get this opportunity like me I learned but when I was in elementary school and I never took advantage of playing music my high school year. Many people don’t know what they want in life yet until they get older but I think that music can help you out you can relate and connect and it can help you get all of you stress out.  When you listen to music you can actually see the true beauty to everything.  There are many things you can do like sing in a choir or do a music play or play in a band and then once you do one of those things that when you start to appreciate music.   

        This article made me realize that no matter what type of music you sing you can get many hits. There are many songs made specifically for Christmas but not many people like them because they are to traditional.  Like Beyoncé got a hit album and from days there were selling many copies but only on iTunes. Can you imagine if they were selling her album in stores they would probably sell out. Before she sold her album there was many more artists above her that were selling a lot but she bumped them all off the chart she the biggest sensation now. This proofs that music is a big part in peoples life's otherwise they wouldn't want to buy new albums. Some stores like big companies even said that they will not be selling the hit at their stores. Beyoncé even said that she doesn't want to release her album the way she had done it.  Music can help you relax it can help you take out all your emotions it can be inspiring music can do many things in your life. At the same times there are people who don't like certain types of music because of the rhythm or the beat and in my opinion i think that really matters as long as you understand what the message is. Music plays a big part in my life it helps me with my problems and some artist have even inspired me do many new things it changed my world completely. Many people have different opinions and they don't appreciate what music really is. Many types of music can have many different opinions emotions and beats but everyone has a certain artist that they like but when they hear one that had a bad rhythm then that's when the criticize the artist/singer and i don't think that is right because the singer took time and was patient and for people not to appreciate music i don't think that right.

Things Change

A long, long time ago there was a little girl named Liz. Liz enjoyed playing with her friends. She was really friendly. Liz was more outside of her house. She would be at a friend's house, at the park or just simply out on her yard. Since she wasn't much inside her house, she didn't realize that her mom was almost everyday sad or mad. Once Liz got older she started having less and less friends because she got more and shyer as the time passed by. Liz became a quiet little girl that stays home. They would argue about anything. One time her mom got mad at her for not doing something, so Liz told her well can't you wait a moment? Her mom got mad at her response and was going to hit Liz when she notices. Liz grabbed her mom's hands. ``why are you grabbing my hands?" her mom asked ``because why are going to hurt me?" said Liz. The kept on arguing about the same thing for an hour. “What are you going to hit me?" her mom asked. "No I'm not" said Liz. Liz decided to go to her bedroom to not argue with her mom. She had heard that many people heard music to get inspired, to get relax, forget their problems or to show their emotions. "If I probably hear music I will forget about all my problems" She was looking through her songs and found a rap song that made her relaxed. Since she only had a song of rap. She divided to download more music from the genre rap. Liz started to talk less to her mom; she didn't want her mom to be in her personal life. When Liz would be sad, mad, angry, or just feeling lonely she would just hear music and try to ignore the world around her. Liz would hear music all day long and when she wouldn't she felt weird. She thought of music like a personal therapy that helped her not worry about her emotions. When Liz got older she got married and she decided to leave her family behind in the past because they did many damage to her when she was a teenager. She had fights with her mom every day and anywhere. Liz was happy away from her mom and with her husband and children. She tried to be a good mother and not like her mom. She talked with her children and supports them when they needed it. Later when she got old her children thanked her for being such a great mother with them. She died happy as like she was born.
Berenice S.

Once I saw the tile "the Best Albums and Songs of 2013. I was like I need to see which ones are the best. I realize with the little article that it can very hard to find the albums and songs because there are many of them out there. I found it interesting that the critics don't have the same taste of music which can make their job even harder to make a list of songs or albums. I think that if I would have the job to find the best of the best I couldn't decide which ones to list. These critics probably have to hear many songs before having the final list of the best songs or albums. I personally did like some of the songs; since not everybody has the same taste of music you may not like all the songs on the list. I think that it would be great to take a look at it to see if you haven't heard one that you might like. It’s pretty cool when you discover a song or album that you like that you never knew it existed before. Some of the songs on this list by these critics I didn't even knew that they existed either because I have not heard the song, but also because I didn't know some of the artists. I even found out the names of some songs that I didn't know before. Everyone at least once has liked a song and didn't know the name of it. I really enjoyed reading this little article and hearing the songs.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente,
Podrá secarse en un instante el mar;
Podrá romperse el eje de la tierra
Como un débil cristal.
¡Todo sucederá! Podrá la muerte
Cubrirme con su fúnebre crespón;
Pero jamás en mi podrá apagarse
 La llama de tu amor.

 It may cloud the sun forever,
 The sea may dry in an instant,
 It can break the axis of the earth,
           Like a weak crystal.
 Everything will happen it will result in death,
 But never in me can
 The flame of your love

           Go away.

Friday, December 13, 2013

How to play hot potato

Ana and Berenice talking about how to play how potato and also demonstrate how to play it.


Music flows through
The air into your ears
You might like the
Beat or sound of it
Or your ears could
Be screaming inside

It all depends on you
If you enjoyed it or not
Different kinds of ears
Hear the same sound as
Others at the same time

It's so wonderful how music
Can go any where it wants.
Berenice S.

My story with music

When I was younger when I went to elementary school here in Fortuna my class altogether went to a program it was the music class. It was 4th grade the music program was part of class and an assignment.  In order to pass the class we had to practice and play the piano and the recorder every night at least once. When we played the piano we learned basic keys and my teacher taught us some songs but what we learned more was how to play the recorder. We had to learn about 8 songs and we would get belts at the end showing everybody that we passed the song and to make our recorder more colorful. The colors were white, orange, purple, green, red, yellow, blue and black. Playing the recorder took us about half of the year but it was a fun year because once we would learn the song then we would go up on stage and do a concert and for me that was really special because I had learned something new and because I was showing everyone there how good I was. We all had a lot of many opportunities in school and one of the best ones was learning how to play instruments and being able to take the music class.


Friday, December 6, 2013


The website types of music contains a list of many different types of music and it explains and gives information and the history of when the music was published what year and where it was created.  The audience is anyone who wants to know about where music really comes from. The purpose is to inform everyone and show how there is many kinds of music all over the world. 

The power of music is a website that gives you ideas of what music can do in each individual’s life. It contains what you can benefit from music, language, literacy, general Intelligence and academic improvement.  The purpose is for people to know what you can gain just by learning music you can learn so many new things in life. 
The book edited by Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, and Richard Trillo was published on November 1999. The book is about music from Europe and explains where music comes from and how it was inspiring for everyone there it gives a list of places where music was popular and where music originally came from. “The whole world is a narrow bridge and the most important thing is not to be afraid “said Rabbi Nahman from the eighteen century. The book gives positive feedback and gives a list of many artists and what kind of music they sing. I think the book is a helpful way to learn where music really comes from and how all around the world people listen to the same types of songs just that it’s a new generation.

Book review

Hearts and Soul: A Celebration of Black Music Style in America 1930-1975 by Bob Merlis and Davin Seay. Foreword by Etta James, published in 1997. In this book it shows the music and lifestyle of famous African Americans singers. This book has the history and criticism of the music of the popular music in the US from African Americans. Bob Merlis and Davin Seay wrote "through words and pictures, anecdotes and artifacts, this is a celebration of a style that shook,rattled,and rolled the whole world". People that want to know about the music and the lifestyle of African Americans that sang in the old days. This book is more for those who enjoy the genres R&B, Blues, and jazz. This book informs how African Americans were successful with their music. This book makes me think about their lifestyle and how hard it could of been to reach their success. Below is a link to amazon if anyone would like to buy it I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys music.
Link to book
Berenice S.

Sources to look at
NPR stands for National Public Radio many people that know this website use it a lot. It's a virtual radio where you can see many types of music, genres, articles, music videos, radio programs, live concerts, and studio sessions. This is a website where you can look for new types of music and hear different type of music than what normally your use to. The purpose of the website is to let anyone who wants to explore more music.
This document provides a variety of definitions from different point of views. Like the composer Elliott Schwartz defines music as the organization of sound and time. Not everyone see or understands music the same way and this document demonstrates it. In this document there is also some scientific definitions. The definitions inform people about what music is all about. I think that this a good source to look up many kinds of definitions of music.
Berenice S.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our topic is on how music inspires each one of us.  I chose to do mine on music because we want to show people that music is a way to relax some people let out their emotions with music. There are many kinds of music and here is a short list Latin music, Hip hop, Asian hop, and Opera, Reggae, and Dance music. Many people don’t know that each song has its meaning some songs try to send people a message or there are expressing what they feel in the song, like if they are in love, if they are sad, if they are angry or if they are having problems in their own lives. Many people don’t know what music is really about they don’t know how to appreciate because they listen to a song and say that’s its garbage because it has a bad beat or is a bad singer but they don’t know what the artists had to go through to be able to sing songs to people. That’s why I want to show people what music is really about and what I want to achieve is that people should try to understand different types of music and explore their music.


Why this topic?

Music has inspired many people to do things better, to make them learn something, and to study for a test. Different type of music makes people sad, happy or just makes them relax. We chose this topic because we want to let everybody know that with different types of music you can bring your emotions out and also how people get inspired with it. There are many kinds of music like rap, hip pop, R&B, blues, pop, k-pop, reggae, rock with a variety of branches, country, classical, instrumental, etc. Music defines a culture of different places around the world.  Music has been for many years like during the Civil War. We want people to try to listen to a different kind of music that they are used to and also to know where their music comes from because many people just hear music but don’t know the history of it. 
Berenice S.