Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our topic is on how music inspires each one of us.  I chose to do mine on music because we want to show people that music is a way to relax some people let out their emotions with music. There are many kinds of music and here is a short list Latin music, Hip hop, Asian hop, and Opera, Reggae, and Dance music. Many people don’t know that each song has its meaning some songs try to send people a message or there are expressing what they feel in the song, like if they are in love, if they are sad, if they are angry or if they are having problems in their own lives. Many people don’t know what music is really about they don’t know how to appreciate because they listen to a song and say that’s its garbage because it has a bad beat or is a bad singer but they don’t know what the artists had to go through to be able to sing songs to people. That’s why I want to show people what music is really about and what I want to achieve is that people should try to understand different types of music and explore their music.


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  1. I listen to all types of music myself, I love to discover new music every chance I get! I listen to country, hip-hop, R&B, rap, soul, etc... Music has always been a great escape for me, and for many other people as well. Your right about it helping with peoples mood being mad, sad, happy, in love, or heart broken, its always been something I resort to when I need it!