Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

 Dear blog readers:
Hi readers with this blog I have improved my writing skills. I have better usage of vocabulary; I can type better and faster. It was a challenge at the begging of the year to write something new and post just talking about music. I thought it was going to be easy since I enjoy listening to music. Throughout the year I have been able to write more about how music has inspired people. I have written in many types of writing. I've learned how to write a good book review, informative, explanatory, narrative, and creative writing. Also I've learned to write good comments on another blog. With this blog I used some of my knowledge about music, but I have also had to research information regarding about music. I found out new bands that I didn't know about and also that many band names are repeated.   This blog is a great way to express your feeling out to the world that is reading the blog. With a blog you get experience with technology and also with writing in different entries. Like I have said before at first it is a challenge, buy with the time it gets easier to write about something new. You might get stuck sometimes, but once you get the hang of it, you get more creative about writing.

I use to not write a lot, but with the blog I have probably written more than I have in past few years.  When I see that I have more page reviews I feel great because I notice that more and more people get interested in what I am writing about. I have had comments on my posts that many people have felt the same way as it is described in the post, but also that they would like me to write about something else or that they have tried new genres of music.

I have picked out five of the posts that I think I did a great job. These posts are the ones I liked more you might like another one, but take a look at these posts you might enjoy them. The first post is a book response where I wrote about the book "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer" by Elizabeth Swados.  I read the book and I enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to know a little more about composing. Here is the link to the post Book Response. Secondly it is a poem that I wrote when I was inspired in how music can cure your soul. Also I wrote a interdisciplinary post where I relate music with the Civil War. This next post is not written, but said on a video which is called a vlog. In this vlog I talk about how people get inspired in their music. My last post is a SSR which is a self selected response. In this post I talk about Afro Reggae.
Berenice S.

Dear blog reader

      Dear blog readers,
With the blog y writing skills have improved. I am better at doing book responses and better with my vocabulary. Doing this project it has let me express what I feel for music it has helped me understand many new things in life. With this assignment I have had an amazing opportunity to tell everyone how music really means a lot to me. I have learned  how to do a Self-selected response.  I have learned so many new things on the blog. What I like the most is that we got to pick our own topic. I did my blog on music inspiration and how I get so inspired.  One of the very first blog post that I did is Why I chose music inspiration . I wanted people to know where each kind of music came from like where hip hop, rock, classical music, jazz, rap came from. Why I chose music inspiration .How music helps me relax. I have also learned new things about music how music therapy helps people what the feelings, emotions, and thoughts. For my final in 1st semester I had to research  how music therapy helps people and this is linked to my post that explains how it really can help you and how many people have gone to . Music therapy . I also liked how we got to interview people like i got to interview my cousin because he is in band at Fortuna high and I wanted to know what music really meant to him. I got Interview  him and it was a different experience because he told me that music changes the way he thinks and how music helps him with his problems I never thought that music was so powerful in his soul. Another assignment that I really liked was when we had a guest on our blog and how they expressed their feelings and thoughts. I liked this because she told us what music she likes and how music can change your emotions like if it’s a happy song then you cheer up and if it’s a sad song your upset Guest blog.  

The blog has helped me though out the year it has brought me new opportunities and has helped me with my English class. I also like how I had the chance to show everyone how music has inspired me. I really enjoyed putting new blog post every week doing many new assignments. Like short stories, a blog post that had humor, self-selected response, book response, a vlog, a poem, and many more.