Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Response

Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer
Elizabeth Swados's book, "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer(1988)," explains how the life of a composer is and all you need to do to be a great composer. Swados relates how she became a composer. Swados's purpose is to lead someone to become a composer in order to know the real meaning of composing. The book has very understandable language that teenagers to adults can read and understand the profession of being a composer.

I really enjoyed the book because it is very detailed. It explains the passion, the art, different type of composers, and it describes music. One of the quote that I liked is "the passion for organizing sounds and the desire to characteristic of all composer." This quote describes well what a composer is all about.

Something that I didn't like is that since I don't really read or play music I didn't understand some words that Swados used to describe the feeling of being a composer. This book is a great choice for those that understand music.

I highly recommend this book for a person seeking to be a great composer or also somebody that needs to understand  more composers. Swados made me think about how the life of a composer is and also of all the sounds that surround us, that we don't even pay attention to them.
Berenice S.

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