Thursday, March 27, 2014

Self Selected Response

New songs on the Radio (Taste of country)
It has been a long time since I have heard country, but I almost listen to the radio everyday. I listen to the radio because I git tired of listening to my own music. Some of the songs played I don't really Know the name of the song. I could of have heard some of these songs that are listed on the link, but not sure of it. I didn't realize that March was the month of listening more country until now. Some songs that are played on the radio are repeated a lot. Like a song that I really enjoy I didn't know the name of it until a month later that I heard it. Then when I would heard it I automatically call out the name of it without noticing. I would mostly say it inside of my head than, shout it out. I think if I would shout it out than thinking of the name people around me would think this girl is crazy. It would be funny for them, but not for me because I would be the one being laughed at.

Those who love country should check out the link and see if any of your favorite songs are on the list. They are mostly new songs than popular. Remember it is only a statics for the radio and for this month. Probably some of your favorite artists are on the list. Don't feel terrible if you don't find your favorite song or artists because if it is not on there you can suggest one on the page there is a section where you can comment a name of a song or artist. Also this list will updated every so often which well be when new songs will be announced.
Berenice S.


  1. thats good that you are talking about how different types of music inspires other people. Im not a fan of country but its good that you are. this ssr was really well written and had a lot of information.

    1. Thanks for the comments. You don't like country just because or its just not your style? What type of music do you like more or listen to more often? Has music inspired you to do something or accomplish?
      Berenice S.