Friday, March 28, 2014

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The Doors Artistic Vision book

The novel the Doors Artistic vision is by Doug Sundling. The novel was published in 1996. This novel relates how a boy loved a member of a band. The young boy was only 16. He was a fan of Jim Morrisons and he died shortly after he had gotten his first album that his father had gave him for his birthday. He would listen to his songs over and over again he was devastated when he found out that shortly after his birthday his favorite singer has died.

I really enjoyed reading this book because the young boy talks about him being a big fan of Jim Morrison. He really loves his band it makes him happy every time that he listens to them.  This novel also talks about how passionate he is to go and see Jim Morrison.

I also like how this novel gives more details and explains what the Doors artists are really about.  Shortly after the member from the band died some teens try to make his music be alive again in memory of the great artist. The Doors work was called instead an art piece. What was incredible was that after each album that they recorded there was a painting or a sculpture created. I really enjoyed how the shared there music and lyrics with us because with each song there was a story behind it.  

I recommend this novel to those who love and those that are big fans of Jim Morrison. This novel shows how passionate he is towards the band and shows his feelings in the novel.

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